the subtle flavouring of fish


teserrae of names

dull mustard

fiery gold flames


organics of mushroom tea

gaudy/ Gaudi/ lace/ paste

St Audrey/ rust/ blood/ lace

yes, tawdry lace


….I can use that.


round and round

the mulberry bush

oranges/ bees/ fish/


old chain letter/ old

poems stuck together/


cum-came/ come on!


books unaltering of anything/

but the subtle flavouring of fish -


dom/dominatrix/domestic goddess/

cook-stuff/ cock-stuff //really // cock-stuff/


who knows

what goes

on where/ the/

rosey- poesie/

            poetry muses/ lie ?


butterfly-netted the



black veiled/ butterfly-swoop




our bee-keepers are impotent

poetess/priestess jiggle your

tits /make soup/ and I thought


I need more meat than this to feed my brain,


words of madness /of bloodletting/

vein of salts/salts in the blood-wounds/

of those who... (know)


lady take my hand/

let us go to the bare

birthing room/ the death-room/


the room of whispers/screams/ some agony of death is here/

clean kitchens /jeyes fluid/orange savlon/wounds/salted/stitched


cif //blood// eggs/ spare me the details of the subtle flavouring of fish - please


Christine Murray is a City and Guilds qualified stone-cutter. Her poetry is published in Ropes Magazine, Crannóg Magazine, The Burning Bush Online Revival Meeting (Issue 1), Carty's Poetry Journal, Caper Literary Journal, CanCan (WurminApfel), Bone Orchard Poetry, Women Writers Women Books, Southword Literary Journal, and the Diversity Blog (PIWWC, PEN International Women Writer's Committee). Her chapbooks include Three Red Things (Smithereens Press, 2013) and Signature (Bone Orchard Press 2014). Her first full-length collection was published by Lapwing Press in 2013. In the same year, a dark tale called The Blind (Poetry) was published by Oneiros Books. Her second book-length poem She was published in Spring 2014 by Oneiros Books.